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Santa Teresa di Gallura beaches

The beaches of Santa Teresa di Gallura are located in northern Sardinia, towards the Bocche di Bonifacio, within the municipality of Santa Teresa di Gallura. Here the sea is the protagonist of local life, in the last stretch of Sardinia before Corsica, in the province of Olbia Tempio. In winter the town has about 5,000 inhabitants, which in summer multiply out of proportion, being a much sought after tourist destination. The city's economy is based on tourism, of Italian and foreign guests, while the port provides connections for goods and people with Bonifacio, in Corsica. The beaches of this welcoming seaside resort have repeatedly won both the Blue Flag awarded by the Foundation for environmental education and the Green Flag for child-friendly beaches attributed by Italian pediatricians. Among the most important beaches of Santa Teresa di Gallura we mention: Rena Bianca beach Rena Bianca beach is located west of Santa Teresa di Gallura, and is just a few meters away from the city center and its main square, at which is connected by a descent and a staircase. It is a wide beach, about 700 meters long, composed of very fine white-colored sand with pink reflections on the shoreline, with waters of a thousand shades, from blue to turquoise, and shallow sandy bottom, which slopes gently and which makes a beach suitable for families with children and less experienced swimmers. Several times awarded the Blue Flag. Getting there is easy and there is ample parking behind, very convenient but for a fee. There are more parking lots, all for a fee. Otherwise you can try your luck and try to park for free in the center, then it's about 400 meters to do on foot. The Rena Bianca beach in Santa Teresa di Gallura is equipped and has ample parking, bars and restaurants, bathrooms and showers behind many accommodation facilities. Inflatables are available for children and teenagers in the water. A part of the beach is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, another is free and much loved by the locals. To take a walk, just head and climb the hill behind which leads to the tower, from which the view is enchanting and in front of it there is Corsica. La Marmorata Beach La Marmorata Beach is located at the foot of the promontory of Capo Falcone, in the municipality of Santa Teresa di Gallura and is a long and wide expanse of very fine white sand, with rocky coves, with emerald green water and shallow water and sandy, which make it suitable for families with inexperienced children and swimmers. The beach can be reached along the road that goes from Santa Teresa di Gallura to Palau: after about 5 km turn at the fork and follow the signs to reach the beach. On La Marmorata beach it is possible to rent beach equipment, such as umbrellas, sunbeds and pedal boats, and in the sea there are inflatables for the enjoyment of children and teenagers. There is ample parking, bar, restaurant and hotel nearby. Possibility to rent skates, jet skis and equipment for windsurfing . Cala Sambuco The beach of Cala Sambuco is located in the municipality of Santa Teresa di Gallura, along the northern coast of Sardinia. In the shape of a crescent, with the beach formed by very light compact sand of medium grain, and crystalline sea with blue-green color, low sandy bottom and presence of outcropping rocks. The whole beach of Cala Sambuco is surrounded by thick Mediterranean vegetation. Due to the richness of the seabed for flora and fauna, the beach is very popular with snorkelers . The beach of Cala Sambuco can be reached by exiting from Santa Teresa and following the signs for Marazzino, then turn left and follow the signs for La Diana restaurant. From here continue and, on the dirt road, continue along the Cala Sambuco road. There are no services on this beach. Cala La Balcaccia The beach of Cala La Balcaccia is located in the territory of Santa Teresa di Gallura, in northern Sardinia. It is a beach with medium-grain white sand, and a beautiful sea with shades of blue and turquoise, with a shallow and sandy bottom and outcropping rocks, making it suitable for families with children and inexperienced swimmers. The beach is never too crowded . Cala La Balcaccia beach can be reached along the road that leads from Santa Teresa to Marazzino. Take the Strata Statale 133 bis and turn in the direction of Palau. After the village of Ruoni you will find two crossroads, turn left at the second intersection and proceed along the dirt road. The road to get to Cala La Balcaccia passes through some private lands, and sometimes the owners may deny permission, for example in the event of overcrowding. There are no services on this beach. Santa Reparata The beach of Baia Santa Reparata is located about 3 kilometers from Santa Teresa di Gallura. It is a beach included between high cliffs, in a small bay, with light and soft sand, very thin, with sea with colors ranging from blue to green and shallow water, making it particularly suitable for families with little children and swimmers experts. The beach of Baia Santa Reparata is particularly appreciated by lovers of scuba diving and snorkeling . The beach of Baia Santa Reparata can be reached along the road that leads from Olbia to Santa Teresa di Gallura: once you arrive in Santa Teresa, head towards Capo Testa. After almost 2 kilometers turn left into a square, the beach is about 900 meters along a steep descent. In the beach of Baia Santa Reparata it is possible to rent equipment such as umbrellas, deckchairs, pedal boats and boats; there is also a windsurfing school. Nearby, ample parking, hotels, restaurants, bars and campsites. Not far away is the archaeological area of Lu Brandali with the nuragic village, a nuraghe and the tomb of the giants, and the possibility of guided tours. show more

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