Policastro Bussentino beach

Santa Marina, SA

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Policastro Bussentino beach, also known as Marina di Policastro, is located in the homonymous seaside resort within the Cilento National Park, in the Campania region. This beautiful seaside town overlooks the Tyrrhenian side of our country and is almost on the border between Campania and Basilicata. You can arrive by train or by car along the SS18 road. Policastro Bussentino beach is really beautiful to see. The beach is composed of both sand and gravel and small pebbles. No coincidence that this location is much more like the beaches that can be commonly found in Calabria due to the particular granulometric composition. The water that bathes the beach of Policastro Bussentino is of an iridescent color between green and blue and the seabed is clearly visible without the aid of goggles, diving masks or other equipment for scuba diving . Many tourists appear to be fascinated by this area, located among other things in the center of the famous Gulf of Policastro . Frequented by tourists of all ages and backgrounds: the beaches of Policastro Bussentino are both free and paid. There are several bathing establishments – called Lidi – which offer their customers adequate and efficient services. Alternatively, at the free beaches there are both showers and free baths.



Grit, Sand, Shingle
Mediterranean maquis
Water quality
Free, Managed
High season attendance


  • Bar
  • Bathhouse
  • Beach equipment rental
  • Disabled accessibility
  • Harbour
  • Hotels
  • Parking area
  • Restaurants
  • Watersports


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