Dream beaches for a beach holiday

Sand like flour and blue sea like sapphire: five white beaches to go on vacation. Italian beaches are usually composed of medium-grain sand with an amber color. However, some sections of the coast of our country have a white color that evokes images of exotic paradises such as Caribbean beaches . Looking for white beaches ? Here are the most beautiful in Italy according to Trovaspiagge.it users:

  • Is Arenas Biancas
  • Tropea
  • Lido Morelli
  • Rabbits Beach
  • Fetovaia

Is Arenas Biancas beach: Porto Pino / Teulada (Cagliari) – Sardinia

Have you ever walked by dipping your feet in a soft blanket of snow- white sand ? Have you ever admired a sea of marvelous sky color? It looks like a mirage but it is exactly the show that can offer you the beach of Is Arenas Biancas, in the south of Sardinia, between Porto Pino, in the municipality of Sant'Anna Arresi and Teulada . One of the most appreciated characteristics of this beach, in addition to the white color of its very fine grain beach, is the presence of imposing dunes, caressed by the Mistral, and more inside a rich Mediterranean vegetation. The beach of Is Arenas Biancas is located within the military zone belonging to the Poligono di Capo Tuelada and this makes it accessible only in the summer months. The beach can be reached by arriving at the municipality of Sant'Anna Arresi and then taking the direction for Porto Pino. You cross the pond of Is Brebeis, summer residence of numerous species of migratory birds including flamingos, and you arrive at the large paid parking lot. The presence of bathing establishments guarantees the comfort of well-equipped facilities and the possibility of renting deckchairs, umbrellas and sun-beds in addition to water sports equipment . It is also a beach suitable for children due to the presence of a gently sloping seabed, as well as for lovers of underwater fishing or snorkeling .

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Tropea Beach: Tropea (Vibo Valentia) – Calabria

Considered the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the beach of Tropea rises on the slopes of the tufaceous rock where the historical center of the town develops. Its white beach and crystal clear sea, as well as the splendid panorama that rises behind it make it one of the most renowned seaside resorts among tourists from all over the world. If we love calm and relaxation we can choose the Cannone beach, small and hidden behind the North pier of the tourist port and the San Leonardo rock. If instead we want to fully enjoy the typical view of Tropea we cannot avoid visiting the Rotonda beach . It is the most famous and rises right on the slopes of the fortress. The presence of several establishments guarantees the possibility of enjoying a beautiful day at sea with all the comforts.

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Lido Morelli Beach: Ostuni (Brindisi) – Puglia

A precious and unmissable corner of paradise is the beach of Lido Morelli . Located within the Natural Park of the Coastal Dunes, it occupies the coastal stretch that goes from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo . The peculiar sand dunes, the crystalline sea and the Mediterranean scrub made up mainly of juniper, offer a splendid panorama to be enjoyed both taking advantage of the comforts offered by the bathing establishments, and in full freedom in the wide spaces dedicated to the free beach . To remember, are the spring waters located near the beach and the Morelli river, nicknamed by the inhabitants The waters of Christ for the alleged therapeutic properties.

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Beach of the Rabbits: Island of Lampedusa (Agrigento) – Sicily

Domenico Modugno defined it the pool of God. It is still considered by tourists as one of the most beautiful white beaches in the world . It is the largest beach in the area and is located in a bay, within the Lampedusa Island Natural Reserve . The sand is white and very fine, and gives the water a blue and crystalline color. The origin of its name and that of the homonymous islet that rises in front of the beach, is uncertain: some believe that it is the fault of an error in transcribing topographical maps, transforming the original name "Rabit" with a single B (Arabic word which means link or connection ) to "Rabbit", others think it is due to the presence of a colony of rabbits that reached the islet when it was connected to the mainland. The beach of the Rabbits of Lampedusa was awarded as the best beach in Italy at Travelers' Choice by Tripadvisor as well as being ranked as the seventh worldwide .

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Fetovaia Beach: Elba Island (Livorno) – Tuscany

On the south-western side of the Island of Elba, in the municipality of Marina di Campo, stands the beach of Fetovaia, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy . It covers an area of 200 meters in length and 40 in width with fine granitic sand of a white color tending to cream, where you can easily choose whether to take advantage of the facilities guaranteed by the establishments or prefer the free beach areas. It is a beach protected from the winds by a promontory ( Punta Fetovaia ) which extends for about 800 meters; the water is clear and the seabed slopes down slowly making it a good choice for families .

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