Autumn is coming and the holidays at the seaside are over too soon. The beaches are empty, the beaches are transformed into long stretches of sand and gravel smoothed by the cold wind. But the return to the chaotic and stressful everyday life returns to the point that you would need another little escape from everyday life. Here then comes out the idea of ​​a pleasant and relaxing week or even just a long weekend at the spa. And maybe in some of the most fascinating places on the Italian coasts: Ischia, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Versilia, Lipari, Lamezia Terme, are some of the most interesting examples. Still sea, but in the warm embrace of a thermal pool.

Ischia: Recharge yourself with vital energy, in Ischia, is a real walk. Savor the taste and the charm of the sea in its natural state, immerse yourself in the thermal waters, enjoy the flavors of the typical cuisine and admire the splendid autumn colors of the Ischian nature: brown, red, yellow. Ischia is the island of spas. The numerous hotels offer interesting packages to restore balance and energy to body and mind. Classic thermal paths, hot baths, sauna and mud baths but also massages.
The Ischia Mediterranean scrub is famous for the many plants that grow there: lavender, thyme and eucalyptus are just some of these, and numerous scientific researches have amply proved its healing, relaxing and energizing properties.

Lignano Sabbiadoro (Friuli Venezia Giulia): a seaside resort of undisputed fame and famous for its Blue Flags, Lignano Sabbiadoro, is renowned for the quality of its waters and for the water component so pure as to be perfect to offer great spa treatment services relief.
The thermal baths of Lignano represent a modern structure, created during the 60s of the last century, and centered on the presence of salt-bromo-iodic waters, supplied at a temperature of 34 degrees. The presence of medical specialists able to exploit the properties of water for therapeutic treatments aimed at treating the airways and the musculoskeletal system, make the structure of great value. Thalassotherapy, heliotherapy and sandblasting are some of the most renowned practices of the structure that allow you to regenerate not only the physical but also the mind.

Versilia: In the beautiful coast of Tuscany, between Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi, there are the famous Terme della Versilia. We are in Cinquale, in the municipality of Montignoso and here, at Villa Undulna, you can enjoy one of the most prestigious and renowned thermal waters near the sea. The salt-bromine-iodic properties, rich in mineral salts, and peat, extracted from the reclamation area of ​​the nearby Lake Massaciuccoli, make them suitable for those who need treatment or to prevent inflammatory and dermatological disorders, but also in the treatments of osteoporosis and cellulite.

Lipari Island: We are in Sicily, in the province of Messina and here are the ancient and very famous Lipari Spas. Renowned already in Roman times in the imperial age, the hyperthermal waters, which reach a temperature between 40 ° C and 80 ° C, of ​​volcanic origin, spring up in the sea and on the beach, in a natural pool near the port. The whole island is rich in thermal springs of volcanic origin characterized therefore by sulphurous, salso-bromine-iodic and salt-iodic waters useful for the treatment of respiratory pathologies and allergies; skin blemishes and dermatological diseases. Metabolism disorders, diabetes, diseases of the muscular system and the skeletal system. Real natural oases where you can regenerate, heal and recharge your mind and body to face a winter of work.

Lamezia Terme: In the heart of Calabria we find one of the most famous thermal springs of our peninsula. Greeks, Romans and Normans already in antiquity benefited from these therapeutic waters. On the slopes of the Reventino mountain group is the Caronte spring, a few kilometers from the sea, in a valley at 240 m. s.l.m, surrounded by the mountains of the “Difesa Mitoio Caronte” park, set in a forest of oaks, chestnut trees and pines, enjoying a mild climate all year round. Its waters come to light mineralized from the long and deep underground path in limestone and crystalline soils. The temperature, of around 39 ° C., is due to the high geothermal gradient of the area. Its classification as sulfur-sulphate-alkaline-earthy-iodine-arsenical, recognizable by its yellow-greenish color and by the smell of hydrogen sulphide it emits, is considered perfect for the treatment of various problems and pathologies.
The spa of Lamezia Terme, which takes its name from the source, is a cutting-edge complex, attentive to the new needs of customers, without ever abandoning the ancient secular traditions. Ideal place for treatment and prevention and rehabilitation programs, in a climate favored and ecologically uncontaminated environment.
Whether you need to regenerate yourself or treat particular pathologies, the Caronte spas are a must visit.

Do you love the sea and do not want to deny you a refreshing relaxation weekend in the fall? These places will give you a wonderful stop and go to recharge your batteries for a busy and hectic winter.

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