The summer of 2020 will have special rules that will make it truly unique in certain aspects. For sure, each of us will be able to enjoy a larger personal beach area, with umbrellas and sunbeds placed at a reasonable safety distance between them.

The other side of the coin is made up of an almost halved number of places available on the beach, with what follows: uncertainty for bathers to secure a place on the beach, risk of drastically reduced revenues for managers of bathing establishments (which already they are incurring other additional costs related to social distancing and sanitation: tools and practices for sanitizing umbrellas, sunbeds and various services, placeholders and code holders).

All this makes the umbrella a rare and precious asset. To the point that the startup Ombrellove decided to give a hand to beach tourists and plant managers by creating a tool that can solve these problems at the root, providing a double advance guarantee:

– users, the guarantee of the availability of a place in the shade
– to the managers, the guarantee of allocating all the umbrellas and sunbeds, obtaining an advance collection which helps them to face the costs of sanitation.

Thus was born Sun Bond, a prepaid voucher for umbrella and 2 beds, which can be purchased with online payment and redeemable with minimum notice by users for the periods of availability established by the manager.

Sun Bond

Thus, the beach tourism industry finally has a tool to plan the season, promote itself and collect immediate payments. And users / bathers (or all of us) finally have the opportunity to plan their beach holidays without worries, in the certainty of being able to immediately secure the coveted place on the beach.

Sun Bonds generally include a discount or an extra service (e.g. a welcome drink) and are of five types: from the weekend to the entire season pass, to meet the needs of hit and run tourists and regular customers as well. They guarantee the buyer the use of an umbrella and two sunbeds with good flexibility: they can be used during the entire 2020 summer season in compliance with the conditions expressed by the bathing establishment, specific to each offer.

How to buy them, and how to join the Sun Bond circuit

Thanks to the partnership between Trovaspiagge and Ombrellove, the Sun Bonds will soon be available for purchase on the pages of this portal, and will be proposed on the sheet of each of the beaches for which they will be available.

The bathing establishments that want to request registration to the Sun Bond circuit can request by writing to