The sea is a world pollution warning sensor that increasingly oppresses our planet. The amount of waste that we see stranded on the coasts, reported by winter storms, is a very small part of what still covers our seas, considering that every year in the oceans they end up from 8 to 12 million tons of waste mainly consisting of plastic. In recent times more and more voluntary associations, Legambiente and WWF in the head, are raising public awareness on the problem of microplastics and nanoplasts and that pollute our seas and that are harmful to the health of the marine fauna, as well as to the human one . These tiny plastic particles are created by the flaking of non-properly recycled waste ; they are harmful because they are ingested and accumulated in the organisms that live in our seas and consequently enter our food chain and on our tables. How can we contribute to cleaning the beaches and consequently help the sea and ourselves?

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Ecological day to clean the beaches of Sardinia

We had already talked about the beach waste emergency last year with the article: Cleaning Italian beaches: volunteers from North to South . A great step forward has been reached in these days, 4 April 2019, with the approval of the bill "Salvamare" of the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of Minister Costa, which introduces, among the various novelties, provisions for the recovery of waste at sea by fishing vessels. An important goal that is added to the hard work of numerous voluntary associations that periodically dedicate themselves to cleaning Italian beaches to make them plastic free . A second of our time is nothing compared to almost 450 years. This is the relationship between the time we could spend collecting a plastic bottle and the years that would be needed for that same bottle to deteriorate completely, if left to natural events. To improve the health of our seas and fight this war against the global pollution, we need a hand from everyone, and for this we take this opportunity to present you an event not to be missed that will take place on Sunday 14 April 2019 in some of the most beautiful beaches of the Sardinia . Italian region that every year welcomes thousands of tourists from all over the world fascinated by its wild beaches of unparalleled beauty. What is the connection between beach cleaning and plastic at sea, ask? This video by Marco Mengoni could answer the question.

We make the right choice,

we choose the Planet.

A dedicated ecological day

cleaning the beaches of Sardinia

The event is organized thanks to the collaboration of Buena Onda Surf , renowned sailing school, located in the Marinella beach, and Sea Shepherd, an ONLUS that operates as an activist in the protection of international waters and its fauna.

The initiative to clean the beaches of Sardinia will involve four of the most popular coastal areas of our country: Olbia – Golfo di Marinella: The beaches of the Gulf of Marinella rise on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia and are among the most beautiful in the territory of Olbia-Tempio. The fine white sand and its crystalline sea give it the typical characteristics of Gallura, in the Costa Smeralda. To participate in this ecological day you will need to go to the Buena Onda Surf, which is located right on the beach of Marinella. You can contact 335 8206172 after 6.00 pm to receive more information about the event. Palau – Porto Pollo: Located in Palau, the beach of Porto Pollo is commonly called Gabbiani right side due to its proximity to the Isola dei Gabbiani ( Isuledda Beach ). It is a long inlet of fine white sand, surrounded by typical Mediterranean vegetation. The windy character makes it a favorite destination for sailors, windsurfers and lovers of wave sports . Its sea is turquoise and crystalline with sloping seabed. To participate in the beach cleaning event, you need to go to the Sporting Club Sardinia . For information write to the e-mail address: San Teodoro – La Cinta: Reachable on foot from the center of San Teodoro, La Cinta is one of the most renowned beaches of San Teodoro. Among the white sand, the crystal clear turquoise sea and the scent that comes from the surrounding vegetation, this corner of paradise is a perfect place to enjoy a splendid ecological day dedicated to the cleaning of the beaches . Contact Surfstar & Bethechange at 333 465 9875 . Cagliari – Calamosca: The last location for this day dedicated to cleaning Sardinian coasts is Calamosca, located in the southern part of the island. It rises on a bay surmounted and sheltered by two promontories: Capo Sant'Elia and Sella del Diavolo, a name derived from its particular shape which legend attributes to the fall of Lucifer on its summit. The beach is a few kilometers from the city of Cagliari and is located close to the long Poetto coast. The beach is composed of smooth pebbles, the seabed slopes gently while the crystal clear water takes on the vivid nuances between the emerald and turquoise. To actively help clean this beach, contact Onde Surf Cricc on 339 7479049 .

The starting time for beach cleaning for all locations is:

from 9:30 to 13:00

Who loves the sea and has the natural ecosystem at heart, cannot give up giving a precious hand for environmental protection. Confirm your participation as volunteers by calling the reference numbers to participate in the ecological clean-up day of the beaches of Sardinia. Remember that you will need to equip yourself with undifferentiated garbage bags and sturdy gloves ! We also report the Generation Mare initiative organized by WWF Italy to clean the Italian beaches from waste which includes various stages from north to south of the boot: Tour Spiagge #Plasticfree 2019

Would you like to contribute to the cause and look for volunteers who can help you?

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