Can I book an umbrella on the beach directly from my smartphone? Yes, on Trovaspiagge you can book an umbrella online and from any device, smartphone, tablet or desktop! Until recently, online booking was reserved for hotels and restaurants, the possibility of booking your own beach umbrella seemed a utopia. After all, who among us does not have in mind the image of breathless lifeguards who scribble a crumpled piece of paper on which numbers of beach umbrellas and names of customers overlap? Well, one of the major innovations of our portal for the summer of 2019, a real innovation of technology and customs in the world of beach tourism, is precisely the possibility of booking your own parasol online, ensuring a place on the beach without having to queue and avoiding the uncertainty of finding a free space for the whole family. Trovaspiagge users can choose the beach of their interest, read the information related to it and book hotel and beach umbrella in one quick and reliable solution. Not familiar with the technology and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, our online umbrella booking system has been structured intuitively and is easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with smartphones and the internet.

Online umbrella booking: how to do it?

First you need to go to the page on the beach where you intend to spend your vacation or trip to the beach and scroll to the yellow section entitled: Book an umbrella!

Umbrella booking - Italian Beach bookingOnline umbrella reservation on Trovaspiagge

Once there, you must enter the dates of arrival and departure assumed for the stay on the beach. Automatically, all the bathing establishments available for online booking in that specific beach and for the chosen date range will be shown in an external window. For each beach that offers the online booking service for umbrellas you can see the image, read the name and address. Lido Sirena or Chalet Mario? Bagni Miramare or Regina Giovanna Factory? To you the choice of the bathing establishment that interests you most to book taking into consideration, perhaps, the one closest to the hotel where you will spend the night or the one closest to the city center and to attractions and events. Once you have chosen the establishment, you will be redirected to the portal of our partners where you can either read some more information about the structure, the services present, the rental and accessibility, or book online your umbrella with very few clicks and in a safe manner reliable.

Umbrella booking - Italian Beach booking Umbrella booking – Italian Beach booking

The beach you have chosen does not have the inscription: Book your beach umbrella? It means that we are still working on activating the online booking service for beach umbrellas (with attached sunbeds and deckchairs, we mean!) For that beach; come back later, probably in the meantime we will have published the umbrella booking service for that beach too. To date in Italy the bathing establishments that have consented to the activation of the booking service via internet of umbrellas and sunbeds are still few, but the trend is in rapid ascent, and soon we count on being able to offer the service of online booking of umbrellas for all the beaches of our beautiful country! At the present time it is possible to reserve an umbrella on the following beaches:

What are you waiting for? Book beach umbrella and bed with Trovaspiagge to ensure the best spot on the beach!