Free beaches and bathing establishments: accessible holidays

One of the news for the 2018 summer on our site,, will be the accessibility to the beach for the motor disabled . It is an important piece of information that we wanted to give to our users because it is not easy to find a beach that is totally accessible for those who have motor or perceptive problems because often the data is not up to date or does not correspond to reality. After months of hard work, which is and will be constantly updated, we were able to identify those seaside resorts that have stretches of coastline without architectural barriers, with boardwalks for going down to the sea or that have JOB chairs ( Jamme o Bagno acronym, translated: Let's go to the sea) which are wheelchairs suitable for the entry of disabled people into the water. All this was possible by finding information on the net and contacting voluntary associations and local administrations that deal with accessible holidays for all; a special mention goes to the site which helped us in the initial stages of development of the project in addition to the Blue Guide of Legambiente which showed us all the seaside resorts that have services for the motor disabled.

Passerella spiaggia accessibile disabili motori - Vacanze accessibiliSpiaggia accessibile disabili motori - Vacanze accessibiliSpiaggia accessibile disabili motori - Vacanze accessibiliPasserella spiaggia accessibile disabili motori - Vacanze accessibili

Holidays accessible summer 2018: where to go?

From June: within each beach there will be an icon indicating whether a beach is accessible or not. Below the descriptive information you will also find a menu entitled: Show more information ; by clicking on it you will find the name of the free beach or beach establishment accessible to disabled people and the address where they are located. Other data that you will find in the list reported is the source from which the information comes, this because – as we said before – it is news in continuous updating. There were many “sensitive” municipalities that have projects in the pipeline to make their free beaches completely accessible by eliminating all physical barriers and working daily with local voluntary associations to carry out important programs concerning accessible holidays.

Accessible beaches for motor disabilities