Free beaches and bathing establishments that accept animals

Summer 2018 is just around the corner and the time is approaching when to book your vacation by the sea. And Fido ? We cannot leave him at home alone and obviously we cannot abandon him in Autogrill: how could we ever be separated from him, he is a member of the family!

So? How you do it?

And then we look for a seaside resort that has a beach accessible to dogs, or pets in general, and that has accommodation facilities that welcome our four-legged friends. comes to your rescue signaling you all the seaside resorts that have a beach for dogs, accessible bathing establishments and public Bau Beach where you can bring your furry without incurring hefty fines or quarrels with those who are not pet-friendly. Going to the beach with your dog must be something pleasant, fun; it must be a moment to remember for the games played both on the sand and in the water and not for the disappointment felt in front of the prohibition sign, therefore: before deciding on a location to spend your holidays, carefully check that Fido can also come with the whole family.

Stabilimento accessibile cani Spiaggia libera per cani Spiaggia libera per cani Campagna ENPA contro l'abbandono degli animali

We at will provide you with a list of beaches accessible to dogs, but in some of them (especially the public beaches) they have particular times in which the animals can enter and stay, or there are beaches that allow access only in some periods of the year.

We will also provide you with the name of the beach in question where we found the information, so we advise you to take a look before booking the hotel or camping.

But can dogs stay free or be kept on a leash ? But is it necessary to muzzle it ? But is there a dedicated area for needs? But can large dogs also stay on the beach? These are the most frequent doubts of those who have a dog and want to take it with them to the sea. The answer? It depends.

It depends on the bathing establishment that allows access to the dogs, or on the municipal and / or regional regulation of a specific location. Unfortunately in Italy there is no law governing access to the beach to pets, therefore it is at the discretion of the various local realities. For this reason we have advised you to contact the area managers anyway, it is always good to prepare yourself in the best possible way.

What are you waiting for?

Book now: summer is upon us!

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