Missing less than a month at the start of the most awaited summer event: the Jova Beach Party 2019, the summer tour that will see Jovanotti perform on Italian beaches. We are in the 80s, more precisely in 1987 when Lorenzo Cherubini comes out with his first single Walking. His stage name was to be Joe Vanotti but the printer who printed the promotional poster for a disco night made a mistake and from that day everyone knows him as Jovanotti . An uninterrupted career full of successes and awards, of important collaborations where the Italian singer-songwriter has often laid bare his private life through his songs. The Jova Beach Party promises to be more than a concert, more than a party, but a real traveling show that will touch the most beautiful Italian beaches. From the afternoon until late at night, music, guests, animations for children and lots of fun barefoot on the sand. And for those wishing to take advantage of the event to remember the best day of their lives, it will also be possible to celebrate their wedding . The whole tour is organized in collaboration with the WWF to support and enhance the sense of environmental care by promoting even the most accredited, plastic free initiatives.

The dates and stages of the Jova Beach Party 2019:

6 July / 28 August – Lignano Sabbiadoro (Friuli-Venezia Giulia) Lignano Sabbiadoro, one of the most famous seaside resorts on the North-East coast will host the first date of the Jova Beach Party . The reserved area will be that of the Bella Italia Village, with more than 1000 meters of fine sand. Lignano Sabbiadoro is undoubtedly a magical place, which has conquered the 2019 Blue Flag and offers an infinite number of accommodation facilities, from tourist villages to hotels and campsites suitable for young people and families with children. Reaching Lignano Sabbiadoro is very simple even for those traveling by train. The nearest stations are those of Stazione di Latisana Km. 23, Udine Station Km. 60 and Portogruaro Station km. 35, all connected to Lignano by regular buses with frequent daily trips. 10 July – Rimini (Emilia Romagna) The second date of the Jova Beach Party will be held in the fulcrum of the Romagna Riviera, at Rimini Beach, Via Principe di Piemonte 56, Miramare di Rimini . The largest beach on the Romagna coast, can be easily reached by train with connections from Rimini station to Rimini Miramare. The area in addition to being renowned for the numerous bars and restaurants on the waterfront is also equipped with hotels, small pensions, camping, cheap airbnb and Bed and Breakfast where you can stay at low cost. 13 July – Castel Volturno (Caserta, Campania) Third appointment of the tour in Castel Volturno, in the stretch of coast included in the Gulf of Gaeta, at the Lido Fiore Flava Beach in viale Dante Alighieri. Already renowned for its summer events by the sea, the Lido Fiore will turn into a real animation village to offer all Jovanotti fans a day of fun, from adults to children. Nearby you can find several accessible B & Bs or hotels suitable for families with children. On the occasion of the Jova Beach Party 2019 buses have been organized that depart Naples, Pompeii and Caserta. 16 July – Marina di Cerveteri (Rome, Lazio) The Jova Beach Party arrives in Lazio, in Marina di Cerveteri for its fourth stage, on the Lungomare dei Navigatori Etruschi in Campo di Mare . One of the most beautiful beaches in the area, due to its clear sand and crystal clear sea. The location was initially set on the beach of Torre Flavia in Ladispoli, but it was changed because it was too close to the nesting area of the little brother, a small wader inserted in the list of species most at risk of extinction. It will be possible, for those who have already purchased the ticket for Ladispoli, to use it for the event in Marina di Cerveteri. The beach can also be reached by public transport, using trains departing from Rome Termini to the Marina di Cerveteri station, a regular bus then stops right on the Lungomare dei Navigatori Etruschi. 20 July – Barletta (Puglia) On the coasts of the Adriatic Sea, along the west beach, at the Lungomare Pietro Mennea, in Barletta, continues the Jova Beach Party . We are in Puglia, in the Ofanto valley, a place where the river of the same name reigns supreme and flows into the sea. The land it passes through is luxuriant, allowing the cultivation of olive trees and vines as well as artichokes and peach trees. The valley is home to many protected wild animal and plant species and has been recognized as a regional natural park since 2003. Getting to the beach of the event is very easy, being connected by an urban transport network. Many are the hotels and small pensions that offer accommodation at reasonable prices. 23 July – Olbia (Sardinia) Fun and care for the environment will transform the Molo Bonaria and more precisely the pier 1 / bis of the Isola Bianca quay, into a real beach. An important step to make the city of Olbia increasingly popular, with a European dimension and attractive from a tourist point of view. The port of Olbia, considered the main port of the Costa Smeralda, as well as being one of the most popular passenger ports in the Mediterranean, is also an important commercial port. It is divided into three areas: Cocciani; the Inner Harbor where there is also the ancient Roman port and the White Island, with 10 docks for ro-ro ships for passenger transport, commercial vehicles and cruise ships. The area is well connected by public transport from the city center and the train station as well as from the airport. 27 July – Albenga (Savona – Liguria) The city of Albenga is one of the most evocative and well-preserved historic centers of the western Ligurian Riviera. It is called the "city of a hundred towers" thanks to the numerous towers that rise around the city. For the concert, the beach in front of the Gallinara Island was chosen, near the mouth of the river Centa thanks to the dimensions that allow it to accommodate the great event organized by the Jova Beach Party. Restaurants, hotels and campsites populate the coastal area of this beautiful city, giving its tourists an unforgettable and pleasant memory. The Albenga railway station is easily accessible through regional and national lines. 30 July / 31 August – Viareggio (Lucca – Tuscany) Viareggio is undoubtedly one of the most well-known seaside resorts of Versilia at international level. Center of fun and home of the Carnival, won the eighth and seventeenth stage of the great tour of Jovanotti. An opportunity to visit one of the most renowned seaside towns of Tuscany with its countless hotels, B & Bs, airbnb, pensions, hostels and campsites and a nightlife that never stops, from day to night. Its beach has obtained the Blue Flag of the FEE and the part of the beach chosen for the concert will be the free beach of the Muraglione in Darsena . On the occasion of the event, the Tuscany region has prepared an extraordinary program of at least 7 trains on the lines for Lucca, La Spezia, Livorno-Grosseto, Florence, Empoli and Siena. An extraordinary service has also been organized by sea with a 300-seat ferry that will connect Elba and Portoferraio on the evening of the concert and will restart at the end of the evening. 3 August – Lido di Fermo (Fermo – Marche) Fraction of the homonymous province of Fermo, Lido di Fermo is one of the most beautiful and well-known seaside resorts of the Marche coast, with its wide beach composed of gravel mixed with sand and the seabed low and protected by artificial reefs, also gaining the Blue Flag of the FEE. The Jova Beach Party will be set up on Lungomare Fermano . The nearest railway station is Porto San Giorgio / Fermo. 7 August – Praia a Mare (Cosenza – Calabria) Municipality in the province of Cosenza, this town is one of the most important and popular seaside areas of the upper Tyrrhenian part of Calabria. Its beaches are spacious, the clear sea and the vegetation that embraces them offers postcard-like scenery. From the mainland it is possible to reach the nearby Dino Island with both swimming and small boats. The event will be set up on the Lungomare Area Dino Beach, on the front of the island. Traveling by train you can reach Praia di Mare by getting off at the Praja Ajeta Tortora station. 10 August Roccella Ionica (Reggio Calabria – Calabria) Still in Calabria, this time in Roccella Ionica on the Costa dei Gelsomini, the Jova Beach Party stops in a town steeped in history and with the splendid maritime panorama that this year too has earned the Blue Flag with its sandy shore composed of sand mixed with thin gravel, and a clear turquoise sea. On the waterfront you can admire two monolithic columns in Egyptian porphyry that belonged to a pagan temple and in the oldest and now uninhabited part, the ruins of the medieval castle are hidden. The designated area is the Natura Village area , Lungomare Lato Nord . In the city there is a railway station accessible by regional lines. 13 August Policoro (Matera – Basilicata) Another city that has earned the Blue Flag, Policoro rises in the province of Matera, in the center of the Gulf of Taranto . An enchanted place where the sea and archeology, the uncontaminated nature of Bosco Pantano, offer evocative emotions. Its cutting edge is the Fragogna Candogna Top Quality, the result of innovative agronome techniques that make it tasty and with an intense natural red color. The concert will be held on the Torre Mozza beach in Lido di Policoro, which can also be reached by public transport; the nearest railway station is Policoro. 17 August Vasto (Chieti – Abruzzo) The geographical position makes this small town fascinating and particular, situated on a hill that gently descends towards the sea and overlooks the splendid Lunato Gulf, where the sandy beach of Vasto Marina extends. And it is right here, on the Lungomare Duca Degli Abruzzi that Jovanotti has chosen to organize his Jova Beach Party . The area can be reached through the Vasto Marina railway station. 20 August Lido degli Estensi (Ferrara – Emilia Romagna) It is certainly the most touristic and worldly of the Seven Shores of Comacchio and bears the name of the Estensi family who ruled Ferrara for a long time. Its beach is among the longest in Italy thanks to the sedimented phenomena favored by the sirocco swells on one side and the long northernmost dam that separates Estensi from Porto Garibaldi. The place of the event is the Arenile Porto Canale . Its proximity to the Po Delta Park has caused disappointment on the part of Legambiente and Enpa due to the particularly sensitive period for birdlife. The same problem was the subject of a change of location for Ladispoli in favor of Cerveteri, to avoid damaging the nesting of the young. But it seems that in this case, the demands of environmentalists have not been confirmed. Easily reachable by public transport, Lido degli Estensi offers many solutions for overnight stays even at ridiculously low prices. 24 August Plan De Corones (Val Pusteria, Bolzano – Trentino-Alto Adige) From the beaches to the high altitudes of the Alps . Jovanotti climbs the peaks of the Val Pusteria to organize the third last stage of his tour. Even here the complaints from the mountaineer Reinhold Messner have not been confirmed. The WWF, which throughout the tour is collaborating with the Italian singer-songwriter, said that the impact of the concert will not be excessive compared to the tourist amount that Plan De Corones runs each year, especially in the winter season. 30 ski lifts, the Messner museum and a wonderful nature to admire and breathe. It will not be a beach, but it certainly has its charm. Do you already have your ticket in your hands? Are you among the lucky couples who have been drawn to celebrate the beach wedding in the presence of Jovanotti? Let us know your opinions and if you like, share your experiences with us in these wonderful Italian beaches .