Are you hunting for the perfect wave? Some tips on where to find it in our country

When we talk about surfing, images of very high waves caressed by boards that glide over them with agility and skill immediately come to mind. The most famous commercials in the world, where the most important international competitions take place, are located in California, Indonesia, Australia and South Africa. All countries that are not really close to take a jump over the weekend. With the arrival of autumn, and the relative bad weather, the best waves to ride also arrive, but what are the surf spots in Italy?

Surfing in Liguria: Recco, Varazze, Levanto, the best spots Liguria, the Italian region that has conquered the highest number of Blue Flags for summer 2018, is also the best region to practice water sports like surfing. It is here that most competitive competitions are held because the Tyrrhenian Sea, in winter, is much more agitated than the Adriatic and therefore offers more possibilities to find the perfect wave to ride. Among the most famous Ligurian spots, for both beginners and experts, we should mention: Recco, Varazze and Levanto. These are spots where you can find waves up to three meters high and still suitable for those who are surfing for the first time. Looking for some info on the beaches? Recco, where the Surfestival takes place every year, is a beach of modest size composed of gravel and pebbles and equally distributed between the free beach and given in concession to the bathing establishments. Varazze : awarded with the Blue Flag 2018 by FEE Italy is a Ligurian seaside resort in the province of Savona in the Riviera delle Palme. It has a narrow and long beach, composed of sand, and offers entertainment and entertainment for tourists of all ages. Levanto : also awarded with the Blue Flag 2018, it has established itself as a spot for surfers thanks to the particular position of its Gulf that allows the practice of surfing by wave thanks to the libeccio, mistral and scirocco winds; these – together with the shape of the seabed – have made Levanto a real big wave spot . Surf in Lazio: Santa Severa, Santa Marinella, the best spots Lazio is another of the regions of our country that welcomes surfers ready to ride the wave. The most suitable beaches in Lazio for surfing? Santa Severa and Santa Marinella are the most popular in Lazio. Santa Severa : famous for the presence of the Odescalchi Castle where the SURF EXPO was held this year involving surfers from all over Europe. Santa Severa is a seaside resort suitable for family tourism especially for its shallow and sloping seabed. The sandy shores are composed of fine golden colored sand. A few kilometers from Santa Severa is one of the best spots in Lazio for surfing: Santa Marinella . Small seaside resort full of services, a few kilometers from Rome and easily reachable by train. Here are the two most famous spots of our country: Banzai and Cala della Morte . Surfing in Sardinia: Porto Ferro, Baia delle Mimose, San Giovanni di Sinis, the best spots Sardinia, thanks to its position in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a region that can boast some of the windiest beaches in all of Italy and where there is wind … there's surfing! The most suitable coast for surfing is the western coast of the Sardinian island; here the mistral winds allow you to ride waves up to seven meters high . The best spots in Sardinia? Porto Ferro, Baia delle Mimose, San Giovanni di Sinis. It is right at the Porto Ferro beach that most of Sardinia's competitive competitions are held. Here, every year, thousands of surfers from all over Europe challenge each other with evolutions and acrobatics. Any info on the beach? Blue Flag 2018: the beach of Porto Ferro has a narrow and long strand of golden sand protected by two ancient Spanish watch towers: Torre Negra in the north and Torre di Bantine Sale (Torre Mozza) in the south. Another Sardinian spot loved by surfers is Baia delle Mimose, a seaside resort in the territory of Badesi Mare awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag by FEE Italy. The beach is about three kilometers long and consists of light-colored fine sand. An added value for those who want to practice surfing in Baia delle Mimose is that they can bring their own dog, in fact there is a free beach where even our four-legged friends can access. The last Sardinian spot that we recommend is San Giovanni di Sinis . Seaside resort born as a fishing village but that has established itself in the international tourism scene for the beauty and wild nature of its beaches. The beach is narrow and long, composed of fine sand and protected by dunes covered with thick Mediterranean vegetation. The spots of the beach of San Giovanni di Sinis are included in the Marine Protected Area of the Sinis Peninsula – Mal di Ventre Island where, in addition to surfing, snorkeling is also allowed, as long as you respect the species of flora and fauna that reside here.