There are some Italian beaches appreciated throughout the world for their natural beauty and Instagram is the largest of the social networks that allows you to share their images globally. The degree of appreciation of users is measured by the amount of likes received for each shot, it follows that: the more like he receives a photo, the more he is socially accepted as “beautiful”. But there have been some changes: from July 17th last month, Instagram decided to obscure the number of likes received for the images published on the social network, a decision taken following a test conducted in various countries to give greater prominence to the images published than to the number of likes received.

We want your followers to focus on what you share and not how many” likes “your posts get. During this test, only you will be able to see the total number of likes of your posts ”, the statement released by Instagram to some sample accounts.

This means that you will no longer be able to see how many likes receive some accounts. A choice therefore, to obscure the number of likes received on Instagram, to encourage users to put more attention to quality instead of quantity (and thus discourage the use of applications that rapidly increase the number of like and followers).

By clicking on “and others”, where before there was the number of likes under the photo, you will be able to discover the people who clicked but to know the precise number , you will need to … count them! Only those who have published the photo will be able to see the number of likes received for the shots shared on the social network.

Why do we tell you all this? Why our Instagram account ( is just one of the accounts chosen by Instagram for this type of test. This is the reason why it will no longer be possible, until the experimentation is in progress, to see how many likes received the images published by us.

So how do you find out what were the most popular beaches of the summer 2019 ? There is no problem, we tell you!

We analyzed the statistical data of our Instagram account and discovered which are the three beaches that have received the highest number of likes in the last six months , that is, the best photos according to our followers.

1. Most beautiful Instagram photos: Tropea Beach, Calabria.

 The most beautiful beaches of Instagram Credits: Instagram account @mytravel_wro_domar

At the top of the most popular beaches on our Instagram account: there is the wonderful Tropea beach, in Calabria. The selected shot was created by the user @mytravel_wro_domar and depicts the coast of Tropea from above.

Dream beach in low season, a little less idyllic in high season due to the high number of tourists who take it literally by storm. This is evident from the reviews that the users of the community of Trovaspiagge have left to the beach of Tropea: beautiful, but too crowded.

The bathing establishments are a bit less chaotic than the free beach, so if you want to book your beach umbrella in Tropea you can do it directly on our site with a few clicks.

2. Most beautiful photos of Instagram: Cala Luna Beach, Sardinia.

The most beautiful beaches of Instagram Credits: Instagram account @marklions

Silver medal for the most beautiful beaches according to our Instagram followers: the Cala Luna beach, in Sardinia. The photo we reposted on our account was taken by the very good @marklions and shows the famous limestone coves of Cala Luna seen, also from above. Yes, the drone shots are the ones that go for the most because they offer a unique perspective of the beach in question.

Our community has not yet pronounced itself on the beach of Cala Luna, so if you want to leave your review, we will be happy to publish it on Trovaspiagge.

3. Most beautiful photos of Instagram: Beach of the Saline of Stintino, Sardinia.

 The most beautiful beaches of Instagram Credits: Instagram account @martino_msound

In third place of the beaches that received the highest number of likes on our Instagram account: the Saline di Stintino beach, also in Sardinia.

The shot we chose was made by @martino_msound and shows the entire coast of the Saline from the pond up to the Tonnara di Stintino .

This summer we have mentioned the Saline di Stintino several times, above all because it is one of the smoke free beaches of our country (don’t you know what are the smoke free beaches? Read our article: Smoke free beaches: what are they?

Also on this beach there is the possibility of booking the umbrella from your own device and then making sure you have a cot and a place to relax. Just go to the page of the beach of the Saline di Stintino and enter the dates of your interest.

How many likes received the beaches in question? Thousands, of course!

 The most beautiful Italian beaches on instagram

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