Five of the most beautiful Italian beaches where to spend the Easter 2019 bridge

If the Easter holidays are delayed this year, it is also true that they could provide us with the opportunity to extend the bridge until April 25, 2019, or, the most fortunate, until May 1 . Any advice on where to go? Here are some of the most beautiful Italian beaches, almost all awarded with the Blue Flag or the Green Flag, where you can enjoy the first hugs of the sun.

Marotta beach: Marche

The first travel proposal for the Easter holiday 2019 is the beach of Marotta: located in the town of the same name in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, in the Marche region. Territory between Senigallia and Fano, it offers a colorful panorama that expands for 5 kilometers, on the Adriatic coast . A sublime place where you can choose between sandy coves and rocky inlets, or go into the beautiful crystal clear waters to admire the seabed. The coast offers solutions for those who love the comforts of equipped services, or enjoy a quiet corner in the free beach areas. This beach has, over the years, obtained many awards also as regards the possibility of entry of dogs on the beach, in predetermined areas (to learn more about the beaches accessible to dogs: Free beaches and bathing establishments that accept animals ). Have you ever heard of the saying "two vacations in one"? Well, Marotta is not only famous for its marvelous beach, but also for the treasures of historical importance that characterize it and that will immerse you in a historical context that reaches up to the Punic wars.

Marinella di Sarzana beach: Liguria

If it is the beauty of the sunset over the sea, rather than the dawn, that makes your heart palpitate, then it is the case to move to the west side of the peninsula and arrive in Liguria, in particular in that area of the Ligurian Sea between Fiumaretta di Ameglia and Marina di Carrara . The beach of Marinella di Sarzana offers a low and sandy coastline, distinguishing itself from the typical Ligurian rocky coasts. The area is part of the Regional Natural Park of Montemarcello-Magra. The bathing establishments alternate with free beach spaces and the presence of a pleasant wind makes this coastal area appreciated by those who practice windsurfing, kite-surfing and sailing .

Beaches of Palau: Sardinia

Mainland or island? Let's move to Sardinia with its dream beaches! Palau, located in the northern part of Sardinia, inside a cove that protects it from the north winds, a few kilometers from the Costa Smeralda. The beaches of Palau captivate us with sea beds suitable for snorkeling and breathtaking views. Coasts of golden sand alternate with others of a very white color that makes the intense blue of its waters stand out even more. Among the beaches of Palau not to be missed we remind you: the beach of Porto Pollo, known as " Gabbiani right side " for its proximity to the island of Gabbiani ( Isuledda beach ) . It consists of a three-kilometer inlet with fine white sand and a turquoise and transparent sea with a sloping seabed. Crossing Porto Pollo, we reach the beach of Porto Liscia . The golden sand is made so by the floods of the river of the same name, the very wide beach gives way to the water that is tinged with the colors of the emerald, with shallow depths. The first part of this coast, belonging to the municipality of Santa Teresa di Gallura, takes the name of La Sciumara . Several services are guaranteed by bars and restaurants.

Beaches of Pineto: Abruzzo

Back on the continent we jump on the Adriatic side and stop at Pineto, in Abruzzo ; one of the most Mediterranean corners of our coasts. Its name derives from the pinewoods that line the coast, planted by the Filiani family, immediately after the war. Included in the seven pearls of the so-called " costa giardino" of Abruzzo is one of the most accredited tourist resorts. The beaches of Pineto extend for about 10 kilometers and are part of the Torre del Cerrano National Park whose tower stands right on the beach; once used as a watchtower and now a marine observatory. The crystalline sea offers a sandy and not very steep bottom suitable especially for children. There are numerous establishments that guarantee services and there is no lack of spaces dedicated to our four-legged friends.

Torre Melissa beach: Calabria

Traveling "coast to coast" we reach Calabria for the last travel proposal that we suggest for the Easter holidays 2019. It is in Calabria that the splendid beach of Torre Melissa, in the province of Crotone, is located on the Ionian Sea . A destination that is still little known, Torre Melissa guarantees a relaxing holiday with its splendid beach of white sand mixed with gravel and the clear, brightly colored waters. The coastal shelters a short distance from the shore allow you to enjoy calm and shallow water. This corner of paradise is mainly used as a free beach, being mostly local hotels to provide equipped facilities on the beach.

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