Always, if you think of a dream beach, untouched, with almost Caribbean beauty, you imagine a place very far away, where few can reach. Small corners of paradise where you can dip your feet in the sand and swim in crystal clear waters, in the company of the inhabitants of the marine fauna. Well, you don't necessarily have to spend exorbitant amounts to enjoy such a vacation because Sardinia is rich in these treasures, located in the small islands that embellish the contours, or in the hidden bays reachable only with a boat trip . In the territory of Gallura, one of the most renowned places for tourism in north-eastern Sardinia, there are many beaches accessible by sea, far from the most crowded areas and which contain postcard-like scenery. Not surprisingly, on social networks like Instagram, one of the most photographed Italian beaches, Gallura is in the top positions. Boat trip, itineraries, La Maddalena, Sardinia Credits:

Organized tours to the islands of La Maddalena

These dream beaches of La Maddalena can be reached using various types of boats, with daily excursions or mini cruises lasting a few hours leading up to the Bocche di Bonifacio, the marine area that separates Sardinia from Corsica. Tour operator proposals can satisfy the desires and expectations of tourists who have never boarded a sailing ship, on a catamaran, or bask in the sun quietly aboard a luxury yacht, perhaps sipping champagne while a skipper takes care of navigation. The possible itineraries are different, in length and in stages, but all offer excellent service at affordable prices, with aperitifs and lunches on board and the possibility of enjoying the wonderful panorama offered by the archipelago of La Maddalena . Boat trip La Maddalena, organized tours of the Maddalena beaches Credits: Max Ladu Getting ready for a day on the boat is very simple, just remember to bring the essential items to enjoy the sun, the sea and the wonderful beaches of this stretch of coast: swimsuit, mask, sunscreen cream, car photographic, sunglasses, beach towel and comfortable shoes if you have to do some trekking once you reach the destination by boat. There are also rental companies that organize outings in the evening, to be able to admire the sunset over the sea while enjoying a succulent dinner with dishes prepared according to traditional recipes based, of course, on fresh fish. For those interested in observing aquatic mammals : there are specific catamaran excursions to reach the places most frequented by dolphins and sperm whales. The possibilities are varied and for all budgets; you can choose to rent yachts with a prepared crew and enjoy a trip in the privacy of your family or with a group of friends, or choose to join other tourists for an organized tour to visit the main islands of the Sardinian archipelago. Most boat trips leave from the ports of: Palau, Baja Sardinia and La Maddalena .

Boat trip to La Maddalena: where to go?

The archipelago of La Maddalena includes 7 main islands: La Maddalena, Spargi, Caprera, Budelli, Santa Maria, Razzoli, Santo Stefano and an infinite series of smaller islands and atolls. The main stops of boat excursions organized in La Maddalena include three internationally famous beaches of unparalleled beauty. Ideal places for the practice of water sports such as snorkeling or for nature lovers who are looking for wild beaches without services:

– Cala Coticcio (Tahiti) on the Island of Caprera

– Rosa Beach on the Island of Budelli

– Cala Corsara on the Island of Spargi

Cala Coticcio beach, La Maddalena boat trip Credits: Cala Coticcio, or Sardinian Tahiti . One of the most loved symbols of the archipelago of La Maddalena, in the north-eastern extremity of Caprera, the second largest island of the archipelago and famous for having hosted the national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi in its last 26 years of life. Located in front of the Murru rock, its sand is thin with a candid color that contrasts with the blue shades of the crystal-clear sea that allow a clear view of the seabed up to over twenty meters deep. A breathtaking scenery, surrounded by rocks of pink rock and the green of the Mediterranean scrub. The beach is of modest dimensions and diving into the water you can swim among the small marine fauna that, protected in a natural reserve, will be admired in all its beauty.

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 Budelli pink beach, boat trips, tour of the Maddalena islands Credits:   Rosa Beach of Budelli. The island of Budelli, with just 1.6 square kilometers of land, has a very small surface area and its highest point is represented by Monte Budello with its 87 meters of height. The island is inhabited by only one person who is also the keeper of the island. Immersed in the beautiful scenery of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park, this naturalistic oasis is accessible only by sea. The famous Pink Beach takes its name from the typical pink color of the sand that makes it up, due to the fragments of a small microorganism called Miniacina miniacea that lives a short distance from the beach. When these microorganisms die, the shells are dragged to the shore, crumbling thanks to the erosive action of the waves and various atmospheric agents. The disfiguring action of tourists, however, over the years, has altered the beauty of the island, so that, to date, it is forbidden to moor on the island except with scheduled excursions and under the strict control of the caretaker. But a beauty that does not escape the gaze of those who choose to enjoy a boat trip, being able to admire the beauty even from the open sea.

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 Cala Corsara Beach, Spargi Island, Gallura Credits: Claudia85 @   Another splendid stop not to be missed if you decide to organize a boat tour in La Maddalena is Cala Corsara, on the Island of Spargi . It is thought to have been an ancient den of pirates, its name is explained here: Cala Corsara. A magical place where wild nature reigns supreme and the infinite shades of the sea, from turquoise to emerald, which contrast with the green of the insular vegetation, make it a real dream beach. Cala Corsara is a small bay on the southern coast of the Island of Spargi. The cove consists of four small beaches composed of white sand and fine as flour, with dunes, junipers, brooms, roses and sea lilies. The erosion of the wind then gave curious shapes to some rocks, such as the "witch's rock", on the western side of the cove. Fans of snorkeling or scuba diving will find here a real paradise to spend a wonderful beach holiday. A curiosity: on the shoal of Cala Corsara lies the wreck of Spargi, a Roman honorary vessel of 35 meters from the 2nd century BC

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