On May 3rd, at the CNR in Rome, the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) awarded the Blue Flag for summer 2019 to Italian beaches that have proven to meet the 32 requirements necessary to obtain this recognition. The parameters required by the program of the international foundation do not only concern the quality and cleanliness of the waters, but also the services offered, the cleaning of the beaches and the tourist landing places. As every year, even for the summer of 2019, some seaside resorts that had been rewarded in the past have lost the blue banner due to some problems that occurred in the area. As we were reminded President Mazza during our interview ( Blue Flags 2019: list of all winning Italian beaches ): "F or the municipalities is a challenging course to deal with the 32 criteria of the program Blue Flag but it is a path with the philosophy of continuous improvement that takes place with small steps that over time determine change ”. This is the case of the beach of Gabicce Mare which last year had lost the Blue Flag but which managed to regain it thanks to the progress made by the local administration with the participation of the entire citizenship. Gabicce Mare is the northernmost municipality of the Marche region, right on the border with Emilia Romagna, and is also the least extensive in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. Despite being part of the Marche region, Gabicce is considered the last municipality on the Romagnola Riviera, and rises on a small bay called the Bay of Angels (an area known and renowned for the presence of the historic Baia Imperiale disco), in the last stretch of the Gulf of Rimini and the northern slopes of Monte San Bartolo . Its beauty, cleanliness and hospitality, are a business card that for years has made this location one of the most appreciated by tourists of all ages and backgrounds: sportsmen, kids looking for fun and families. Above all, the latter attend Gabicce Mare which was, in fact, also awarded with the Green Flag by Italian pediatricians for beaches suitable for families with children. The San Bartolo Park boasts unusual natural scenery with the colors of the cliff and brooms close to the water that make it a real picture postcard setting. Photography enthusiasts can grasp the flowering of brooms, the expanses of straws of Pliny, the Aleppo pine and the rare maritime linen, as well as admire the rich fauna of roe deer, foxes, badgers, porcupines, seabirds and birds of prey. It is from this stretch of the Adriatic coast that one can admire the most intense shade of the blue of the sea. Clear water with silvery reflections that covers the sand formed by beautiful pebbles and rocks. The beach of Gabicce Mare, which extends from the port of Cattolica to the promontory of Monte San Bartolo, is above all managed by bathing establishments which guarantee excellent services but there are also free beaches where the rescue service is insured. Gabicce Monte hides some of the bays and inlets considered among the favorite places of the bathers of the area. Among these we find Baia Vallugola, located at a point where the presence of stones, which make up the beach, gives a much more crystalline and transparent color to the sea. As for the town beach of Gabicce Mare : its characteristics make it much more similar, for style, architecture and entertainment, to the bathing establishments of the nearby towns of Romagna, so much so that, crossing a drawbridge (pedestrian, cycle path) with hydraulic lifting, on the Tavollo river, you can reach the neighboring municipality of Cattolica . However, despite the similarity, it remains a quiet seaside resort protected from large tourist flows. Camping, hotels and beach resorts offer high-level services such as facilities for children, sports fields and real beach villages full of entertainment, entertainment and swimming pools, guaranteeing a dream vacation. We are sure that a vacation in this splendid seaside resort, can leave indelible memories for the whole family. Have you been there before? Then tell us your experience in a comment on the page: Beach of Gabicce Mare .

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