Civil rites and unions on the beach: the most beautiful locations

On September 1st the Royal Italian wedding was celebrated in the splendid setting of Noto, Sicily. Although Fedez and Chiara Ferragni have no blue blood in their veins: the #TheFerragnez weddings have surpassed the figures of the British royals Henry and Meghan on social networks. September has always been one of the most popular months for the celebration of weddings and, recently, civil unions . Wedding planners from all over the world are always looking for fabulous places to give the bride and groom a unique experience. What if a couple wants to get married on the beach? Is it possible to celebrate with a civil ceremony a few meters from the sea? It can be done! To quote Gene Wilder in the film Frankenstein Junior . For some years more and more municipalities of seaside resorts consent to the celebration on the beach of weddings both in stretches of free beach and at authorized bathing establishments, this according to Article 3 d. PR November 3, 2000, n. 396. And what if future spouses want to marry with a religious rite on the beach? Unfortunately, canon law provides that religious marriages take place only in consecrated places and it is practically impossible to find an Italian beach that is; therefore, unless you succeed in having the go-ahead from the parish priest and the Bishop of your diocese: you will have to settle for a civil ceremony. Beach wedding: where to celebrate it? From North to South of the boot there are many beaches where it is possible to celebrate one's wedding. The most popular? Here are some of the Italian beaches where you can enjoy your fabulous Beach Wedding !

Wedding on the beach: Fregene – Rome – Lazio The beach of Fregene is among the most popular locations in the Lazio region for the celebration of weddings by the sea; also because it is one of the closest to the capital, Rome. Some bathing establishments make available all the necessary equipment to receive your guests, as well as obviously taking care of catering and the wedding buffet. The Fregene beach is narrow and long and composed of fine-grained sand. If at the end of the wedding you want to take a dip in the sea: remember that the seabed is low!

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Wedding on the beach: Monopoli – Bari – Puglia The beach of Monopoli is located on the Adriatic side of Puglia and it is possible to celebrate fabulous weddings with bare feet on the sand at the authorized bathing establishments. In addition to the convenience of the location there is the added value, especially for the guests, of being able to eat dishes based on fresh fish of excellent quality. The shore of Monopoli is narrow and the granulometric composition may vary depending on the stretch of coast concerned: in fact there are both sandy and pebble and pebble beaches.

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Wedding on the beach: Chioggia – Venice – Veneto The beach of Chioggia was awarded for summer 2018 both by the Blue Flag by the FEE Italy and by the Green Flag by the Italian pediatrician association. It has a wide and long beach and is composed of light-colored fine sand. The seabed is particularly low and sloping.

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Wedding on the beach: Ischia – Naples – Campania The beaches of Ischia are among the most beautiful for the celebration of your beach wedding. Cliffs and terraces overlooking the sea offer a scene of unparalleled beauty. We add then that the secular culinary tradition of the place will be able to satisfy even the most grumpy guest. Sandy shores are small and mostly composed of fine and medium-grain sand.

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Marriage on the beach: Messina – Sicily There are many beaches in Messina that allow future spouses to pronounce their Yes! on the sand a few meters from the sea. The most suggestive beaches? Letojanni, Taormina and Terme Vigliatore. All the beaches mentioned have long and narrow beaches and the granulometric composition can vary greatly depending on the stretch of coast: in fact, you will find both sandy and pebble and gravel beaches.

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