Summer 2018: What are the best beaches in Puglia?

Maldives of Salento? Polignano a mare? Gargano? No, you will be speechless!

The summer is ending, the Righeira sang at the beginning of the summer of 1985. We resurrected an old torment to remind you that if you have not yet booked your holidays: you are still in time, perhaps buying some last minute offers. Destination? Puglia of course! Yes, the most sought-after, most beautiful, cleanest, funniest, cheapest, seem to be the Apulian beaches. It is not an arbitrary decision of the editor of, it is the statistical data of our portal and the reviews of our Community to suggest us your preferences. On social networks, Instagram and Facebook often display the tag #trovaspiati associated with paradisiacal white beaches of Sardinia, so it would have been logical to think that the Sardinian beaches were the ones that attracted the Italian tourists the most, well, we have to dispel this myth. It is not the Sardinian island that is the most sought after, but rather: Puglia. Once identified the region most loved by Italians, Puglia in fact, immediately come to mind images of wild beaches like those of the Gargano, or the sheer cliffs of Polignano a Mare or the Salento with Marina di Pescoluse, the famous tropical beach called Maldives del Salento (in this regard we advise you to read the article: Spiagge Salento: where to go to the beach in Puglia ). You will never believe it but among the most searched beaches on our site there is none of those mentioned so far. Are you curious to discover the five winners? All you have to do is continue reading this article to learn more.

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  1. Spiagge Puglia – The best Apulian beaches: Chapter

In first place: the beach of Capitolo appears to be the most searched beach on our portal. Located in the territory of Monopoli, in the province of Bari, it has a sandy beach of golden color. The sea is of an iridescent color that goes from the turquoise of the shore to the cobalt blue of the open sea. The spaces are well distributed between the free beach and the beach managed by the bathing establishments. It is accessible to disabled people and there are areas where you can bring your dog. Not far from the beach of Capitolo, in the direction of Monopoli, there are the Calette del Capitolo : an ideal place to dive and snorkel. Reading all this, it is not so difficult to understand why it is considered the most beautiful beach by our users. A flaw? It has not won any kind of recognition, it is neither a Blue Flag nor a Green Flag. Have you been there and want to give some advice to other travelers? Leave your review at the Chapter beach on our portal  

  1. Spiagge Puglia – The best Apulian beaches: Lido Morelli

The second most beautiful, and most sought after, beach in Puglia is the beach of Lido Morelli . Located in the territory of Ostuni, in the province of Brindisi, it is one of the most suggestive beaches in Puglia. Located within the Parco delle Dune Costiere Torre Canne – Torre San Leonardo, it is an expanse of fine sand with a light and characteristic color due to the presence of sandy dunes covered with Mediterranean-type vegetation such as junipers and small shrubs. The beach is accessible to the disabled, it was awarded for the summer of 2018 with the Blue Flag by the FEE Italia ( Foundation for Environmental Education ) and is allowed in certain areas to lead its dog. Quiet seaside resort, never too crowded, especially the stretches of beach managed by the bathing establishments are less chaotic than the public ones. Do you have any information to add on the Lido Morelli beach? Leave your review on  

  1. Spiagge Puglia – The best Apulian beaches: Cala San Giovanni

In third place of the most sought Apulian beaches on, the portal of Italian beaches, there is the beach of Cala San Giovanni . It is a small cove located a short distance from Polignano a Mare. It has a sandy beach of clear color and protected by cliffs where you can either relax and enjoy your holiday, or practice water sports such as snorkeling because the seabed is rich in species of flora and fauna to be admired with a mask and snorkel. The beach of Cala San Giovanni has won for the summer 2018 both the Blue Flag by the FEE and the Green Flag by the Italian Pediatricians Association for child-friendly beaches. Moreover, it is accessible to people with physical disabilities and there is a wonderful pine forest where you can relax during the hottest hours of the day. Would you like to tell us about your experience? Leave your review at Cala San Giovanni beach on our portal   

  1. Spiagge Puglia – The best Apulian beaches: Savelletri

The fourth most searched Apulian beach that attracts our users the most is the beach of Savelletri, in the territory of Fasano, in the province of Brindisi. A sandy beach mostly composed of cliffs and rocky inlets, in fact the bathing establishments built on wooden platforms that allow the descent into the water through ladders placed at the edges are characteristic. Seaside resort that was born as a fishing village but that is imposing itself in the Apulian seaside panorama for the multiplicity of services and structures suitable for hosting visitors from all over the world. As proof of this change: the assignment of both the Blue Flag and the Green Flag for the summer of 2018, accessibility for those with motor disabilities and the possibility of driving their dog in some parts of the coast. A must see during your stay in Savelletri: the Acropolis of Egnazia, ruins of the ancient Messapian civilization that resided on this stretch of coast. Do you agree with what is written on Savelletri beach? Leave a comment on and let other visitors know your opinion  

  1. Spiagge Puglia – The best Apulian beaches: Bisceglie

Last of our list, for number of visits not of importance, of the most beautiful and searched beaches of Puglia is: the beach of Bisceglie, in the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani. Bisceglie is a small seaside resort with a unique beach, or better: with a unique composition. Yes, the Bisceglie beach is composed of many clear pebbles of different sizes and interspersed – between an inlet and the other – with flat rocks on which you can lie down and enjoy your vacation. The beach is mostly free and for this reason over-crowded in summer, but it is still one of those to visit during your stay in Puglia. Is it among the most beautiful in the region? Who knows, as the English philosopher David Hume said: The beauty of things exists in the mind of those who contemplate them . Have you ever been to Bisceglie? What do you think of its beaches? Tell us your experience!


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