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If you are still looking for an Italian seaside resort where you can spend your summer 2018 vacation, we have some suggestions for you. We thought of writing an article to help in choosing all those families that have children and a small, medium or large dog .

Italian beaches: Blue Flag – Green Flag

As you will know: on our site there are all the beaches that received the most coveted beach awards on May 7th, that is, the Blue Flag of the FEE (if you want to find out what are all the winning beaches, divided by region, we advise you to read: Italian beaches: Blue Flag 2018 ). The criteria for awarding the Blue Flag are many, not only the cleaning of the water and the beach should be taken into consideration, but also the services offered to tourists, the presence of hospitality facilities, and many others. However, it may happen that a Blue Flag beach has a sea floor that becomes deep just a few steps from the shore and therefore is not suitable for families with small children or for those who are unfamiliar with swimming. Then? So we looked for Italian beaches that were also child-friendly, offering entertainment suitable for the age of the youngest at home and ad hoc services for parents (such as changing tables in the area or Calm Area where you can breastfeed) . To identify these places, we relied on the list of Italian seaside resorts awarded with the Green Flag by the Italian Paediatricians Association which identified, throughout the country, 136 sandy beaches suitable for both children and their parents (if you want to read something more about it we recommend this article: News Trovaspiagge 2018: the Green Flags ).

Italian beaches accessible to dogs

But to advise you of beaches that were only (?!?) Blue Flag and Green Flag, it seemed reductive. We therefore further restricted the list to those places that were also accessible to dogs or pets in general. Thanks to awareness campaigns by industry associations, ENPA in the first place, more and more families are bringing their dogs on vacation . However, it is not easy to find seaside resorts in our country that have Bau Beach, or Dog Beach : that is, beaches accessible to dogs where our four-legged friends can both stand next to us under a beach umbrella and swim and have fun water. After careful research: we were able to identify, throughout the Italian territory, five beaches that have all three of the requirements we set ourselves: – Blue Flag Beach 2018 – Green Flag Beach 2018 – Beach Accessible to Dogs (with Dog Beach or Bau Beach )

The locations that were suitable for the 2018 summer season from North to South were:

Lido di Jesolo beach, in the province of Venice, Veneto. – Beach of San Vincenzo, in the province of Livorno, Tuscany. – Sabaudia Beach, in the province of Latina, Lazio. – Tortoreto Lido beach, in the province of Teramo, Abruzzo. – Marotta beach, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, Marche.

Lido di Jesolo beach

  It is one of the most famous and popular in the North-East of Italy: the beach of Lido di Jesolo, also known simply as Spiaggia di Jesolo, is famous not only for having a wide sandy beach that is twelve kilometers long but also for the presence of establishments bathing establishments and hospitality services such as hotels and bed and breakfasts suitable for hosting tourists of all ages. Many are the activities and attractions that make visitors spend a fun-filled holiday. Blue Flag since 2004 and Green Flag: Jesolo beach is the ideal place to spend your vacation with the whole family, including Fido who has a Bau Bau Beach (at the Nemo beach club ) where you can have fun. Of particular importance is the attention that the town of Jesolo has with regard to tourists with disabilities: the municipality of the Veneto region, in collaboration with the Jesolo Sport Paraplegici Association, has promoted the project entitled: " Jesolo 4 All " where they are provided to the visitor all the information concerning accessibility, has also made the whole waterfront passable with a wheelchair, created gangways for the descent to the sea and given supplied with suitable aids for access in the water.

San Vincenzo beach

  San Vincenzo is a delightful Tuscan seaside resort Blue Flag and Green Flag and famous for the presence of the Rimigliano Coastal Natural Park ; a protected area six kilometers long where there are dunes covered with small shrubs of Mediterranean vegetation and a pine forest equipped with tables and benches where you can stop during the hottest hours of the day. From this there are three entrances that make the beach accessible also for people with motor disabilities : on the page of the Beaches of San Vincenzo you can read where they are located by clicking on the item: " Show more information ". The beach of San Vincenzo has a narrow and long beach and a granulometric composition of fine, golden colored sand, typical of this stretch of coast. It was also one of the first to have a completely accessible Dog Beach for our dogs. It is a 200 meter long stretch of beach, both free and equipped, where you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas, and – unlike most dog beaches – at the Dog Beach of San Vincenzo there is no obligation to keep the dog on a leash, making the holiday much more relaxing for both our friend Fido and the owner.

Sabaudia beach

  Sabaudia beach is one of the most beautiful and characteristic of the province of Latina, in Lazio. Blue Flag and Green Flag is famous for the presence of sand dunes protected by the Circeo National Park that deals with the fauna and the local flora. Sabaudia beach is frequented by lovers of water sports such as surfing and kite-surfing but also by families with small children who can swim in the sea in peace thanks to the gently sloping seabed. An enchanting place for lovers of natural beauty as it is right here, at the foot of the Circeo, that there is also Lake Sabaudia, a pristine natural oasis. Also in Sabaudia it is possible to go on holiday with your dog where there is access for four-legged friends at Sabau Beach ; 80 meters of equipped beach and managed by the Mondo Cane Association where the whole family can relax and spend a fun-filled holiday.

Tortoreto Lido beach

  The next seaside resort that has the Blue Flag, Green Flag and a beach accessible to dogs is the beach of Tortoreto Lido, in Abruzzo. This beautiful town in the province of Teramo is one of the most awarded by the FEE of the entire Adriatic coast; suffice it to say that since 1992 it has won – deservedly – the Blue Flag for the cleaning of beaches and waters, as well as for the services offered to its visitors. The beach of Tortoreto Lido is wide and about three kilometers long; it is composed of very fine sand, and surrounded by palm trees and pines that separate it from the waterfront. As for the beach accessible to the animals: they cannot be taken to the free beaches of the coast but only in the special Bau Beach located on the "Lungomare Sud near the siren of the Lungomare Napoli". However, at the discretion of individual bathing establishments, if you allow dogs to access the stretches of beach given to them in concession, we therefore recommend – before booking your holiday in Tortoreto Lido – to contact and book in advance your place under the umbrella.

Marotta beach

  The last beach that we recommend to go on holiday with children and that is also accessible to dogs is: the beach of Marotta, municipality of Mondolfo, in the Marche region. This region is increasingly imposing itself on the national tourism plan because it manages to satisfy both sea and mountain lovers of all ages and backgrounds. It is in fact one of the favorite destinations for Italians for summer 2018. The Marotta beach is located between Fano and Senigallia; the beach is narrow and long and mostly sandy. The seabed gently slopes down to become deep away from the coast, so it is easy to understand why it has been awarded the Green Flag by Italian pediatricians. The beach accessible to dogs in Marotta is on the Lungomare Colombo and is a stretch of free beach marked by special signs.

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