Mazzeo Beach

Taormina, ME

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The Mazzeo beach is one of the beaches of Taormina located between and Letojanni and Mazzarò, on the north-eastern coast of Sicily, in Italy. This is the northern coast of the town and to get there you have to go past Isola Bella and Mazzarò. Easy to reach either on foot or by private transport or with public transport such as the Beachbus that connects Taormina to nearby Letojanni. show more

Mazzeo is one of the widest beaches in the Sicilian town and is among the most appreciated as there are many bathhouses with restaurant where it is possible to have dinner in the evening a few steps from the sea. In the immediate vicinity of the beach there are accommodation facilities, such as hotels and bed and breakfast, where you can stay overnight during your vacation in Sicily.

The beach is composed of small gravel and pebbles and is mostly under management but there are still stretches of free beach where you can relax, although in the high season it is more complex to find enough space to guarantee privacy.

DOG-FRIENDLY: some bathhouses on the Mazzeo beach are accessible to dogs; it is advisable to request information when booking your umbrella.


Gravel, Grit
Mediterranean maquis
Water quality
Free, Managed
High season attendance


  • Comfort
  • Family
  • Fashion
  • Nightlife


  • Aquatic equipment rental
  • Bar
  • Bathhouse
  • Beach equipment rental
  • Camping
  • Hotels
  • Parking area
  • Restaurants


  • Snorkeling


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