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The beach of Marinella is a beach located in Palinuro, precisely in Centola, in Campania. This area is part of the Cilento Coast, a natural area frequented by international tourism and awarded with the Blue Flag of the Foundation for environmental education . The Marinella di Palinuro beach is considered one of the best in Italy; overlooking the Bay of Buondormire near Capo Palinuro, south of the city center. The beach has an exceptionally fine fine sand that can be felt on the skin. Precisely for this reason, the area is considered optimal for families with both small and large children. Furthermore, the beach is always kept clean and it is rare to find waste. The beach is protected on the sides by breakwater barriers that have the purpose of mitigating the erosive action of the sea towards the coast. The water that washes the Marinella is exceptional, it takes on a color that fades the shades of blue becoming increasingly darker as you move away from the coast. Bathing in these waters is an incredible experience. It is necessary to think that around the beach there is a vigorous natural environment that contains the most beautiful floristic species of the Mediterranean maquis . The beach of Marinella is mostly free, those who do not want to renounce to comforts such as deckchairs, sun beds and umbrellas can rent them at the bathing establishments in the area that are accessible to dogs. The free stretch is however well organized and nearby there are paid parking lots, hotels and typical restaurants. With the car it is possible to reach the beach of Marinella along the homonymous street, after having traveled the SP430 road. By public transport instead, you need to take a train to get to Palinuro station and then use public buses to reach the beach area, near the port. A small historical curiosity : in ancient times the Molpa marina stood on this beach. To date, in fact, it is still possible to admire the remains of the port at the foot of the hill overlooking the Marinella beach.

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