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The beach of Falerna Marina is located in the province of Catanzaro, in the Calabria region, between Marina di Nocera Terinese and Gizzeria Lido . It is considered one of the most beautiful of this stretch of coast because of the splendid sea that washes it, which is why it is also among the most popular of the Calabrian beaches on the Tyrrhenian coast. Falerna is an ancient village that boasts ancient origins, the maritime area, Falerna Marina, is a quiet seaside resort, perfect for those who want to spend a relaxing holiday in Calabria. The beach has a particular granulometric composition consisting of medium sand, pebbles and gravels a. In particular, in the vicinity of the shoreline it is possible to encounter a large quantity of small-sized pebbles of a grayish color. The latter can make entry into the water difficult, therefore it is advisable to use shoes for the sea, especially for the smallest of the family. The sea that bathes the beach of Falerna Marina has an intense blue color that fascinates and keeps you speechless. The water is extremely clean and those who bathe in it can experience a refreshing and regenerating sensation. Without a shadow of a doubt, it can be a good idea to take equipment such as goggles or diving masks to the beach of Falerna Marina so as to admire the seabed. The beach of Falerna Marina is mostly free, however there are some bathing establishments where you can rent relaxation equipment such as deckchairs, sun beds and umbrellas. Good accommodation offer in the area. To reach Falerna Marina beach by car, take the E45 road. Alternatively, you can choose the coastal path that crosses the entire “Riviera dei Cedri, also taking the SS18 Tirrena Inferiore.

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Gravel, Sand, Shingle
Mediterranean maquis
Water quality
Free, Managed
High season attendance


  • Comfort
  • Family


  • Bar
  • Bathhouse
  • Beach equipment rental
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Watersports equipment rental


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