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The beaches of San Teodoro are located in the homonymous seaside resort on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia between Porto Ottiolu of Budoni and Porto San Paolo and awarded with the prestigious Green Flag by the Association of Italian pediatricians for beaches suitable for children. The beaches of San Teodoro are mostly free beaches, those who do not want to give up comforts such as umbrellas, chairs and beds can rent them at the beach resorts located on 37 kilometers of coastline. There are beaches composed of sand, pebbles and the typical granite rocks of this area. The wildest and most famous of the beaches of San Teodoro is the La Cinta beach : five kilometers of sandy shore composed of white, fine-grained sand with low seabeds and crystal clear waters. Inserted inside the A rea marina of Punta Coda Cavallo – Tavolara Island, it has behind it a pond that houses the pink flamingos, a symbol of this section of Gallura. La Cinta also has a kite zone (or kite area), that is: a beach dedicated to those who love kitesurfing . Among the city beaches of San Teodoro it is worth mentioning, on the southern edge of the Sardinian resort, Cala d'Ambra : a beach of modest size composed of white sand mixed with pebbles and bathed by a crystalline sea where you can practice water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving . Last beach located near the city center is the Isuledda Beach, near Punta Isuledda . It is a small beach, more like a cove set between two inlets, composed of light-colored fine sand with low seabeds where you can admire numerous species of flora and fauna. Characteristic for the presence of sand dunes shaped by the winds and covered by vegetation typical of this stretch of coast. The coast of San Teodoro offers dreamy beaches with breathtaking views where white sandy shores overlook a clear sea and the Mediterranean scrub that gives a unique atmosphere with its colors and scents. It is precisely the beaches of San Teodoro that are among the most photographed and appreciated internationally for their wild and unspoiled nature. In the immediate vicinity of the city center you will find some famous beaches in the territory of San Teodoro such as: show more

  • Cala Brandinchi nicknamed Piccola Tahiti ;
  • Capo Coda Cavallo ;
  • Lu Impostu beach ;
  • Salina Bamba beach;
  • Baia Salinedda beach;
  • Cala Suaraccia also known as the Butterfly Beach ;
  • Beaches of Cala Girgolu: Le Vacche Beach, Tartarughe Beach and Sassi Piatti Beach ;
  • Puntaldia beach;
  • Costa Caddu beach;
  • Li Marini beach;
  • Beach of Lastra Ruia;
  • Punta Molara beach;
  • Great Bay beach.

DOG-FIRENDLY : the beaches of San Teodoro are not accessible to dogs, but there is an area – not too far from the center – where you can bring your four-legged friends in the summer and is at the beach of Costa Caddu located at South of the Isuledda beach.

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Reef, Sand, Shingle
Mediterranean maquis
Water quality
Free, Managed
High season attendance


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  • Family
  • Pet Friendly
  • Sport
  • Wild


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  • Bathhouse
  • Campings
  • Harbour
  • Hotels
  • Parking area
  • Pedalo rental
  • Restaurants
  • Sailing school
  • Walkways descent to the sea
  • Watersports
  • Watersports equipment rental


  • Boat trips
  • Kitesurf
  • Snorkeling


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