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The beaches of Marina di Ostuni cover a wide stretch of coast, about eleven kilometers, of the Puglia region, from the town of Torre Canne to the municipality of Carovigno, all within the municipality of Ostuni (Brindisi). Not to be confused with the port of Ostuni located in Villanova, also called Marina di Ostuni. If you love uncontaminated nature: the beaches of Marina di Ostuni will be for you. Wide cliffs that slowly descend into the sea forming real natural rock platforms, or sandy beaches of fine grain and light coloring. All surrounded by a crystal clear sea and Mediterranean bushes. The beaches of Marina di Ostuni are frequented both by families with children and by tourists of all ages and backgrounds, some in particular are particularly suitable for those who are unfamiliar with swimming because of low and sloping seabeds . Crystal clear sea, clean beaches and excellent services have meant that FEE Italy received four prestigious seaside resorts in the municipality of Ostuni: Lido Morelli, Pilone beach, Lido Fontanelle beach and Crete beach Red . In addition to these, however, some of the most beautiful and wildest beaches of our country should be mentioned: Costa Merlata, Rosa Marina, Villanova, Baia dei Camerini, Monticelli, Baia di Santa Lucia, Cala del Cappero and Torre Pozzelle . Most of the beaches of Marina di Ostuni are small sandy coves that alternate with wide cliffs; those who love nature but do not want to renounce to the comforts offered by small towns by the sea: they can still rent beach equipment such as deckchairs, umbrellas and sun beds at the beach establishments . The hospitality and restaurant facilities are also good, where you can enjoy Apulian hospitality. The vast coastal dunes protected by the Dune Costiere Regional Natural Park from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo, which is home to numerous species of flora and fauna, are of great value. DOG-FRIENDLY : in the area of Ostuni there is a beach for dogs at Costa Merlata located in the bay near the “Ostuni camping libero” parking area.



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Reef, Sand
Mediterranean maquis
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