Beaches of Isola di Ischia

The island of Ischia is the third most populous Italian island, after Sicily and Sardinia. It is part of the archipelago of the Flegrean islands and is the largest island. It is located at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples, about 6 kilometers from the islands of Procida and Vivara and about 10 from both Naples and Capri. The sea that washes it is the Tyrrhenian Sea. The coastal perimeter of the Island of Ischia is about 37 km of varied coast with long beaches and suggestive cliffs . show more

The total area of ​​just over 46 km 2 is divided between 6 municipalities:

It has always been a great tourist attraction for the Gulf of Naples and for the city itself. Today, in fact, the most important sector of the island’s economy is tourism, with all its employment opportunities.
In ancient times and to a small extent even today, the islanders also live in traditional occupations such as the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, vines, fishing and crafts (especially pottery).

Tourists visit Ischia due to the suggestiveness of the places and the many and healthy thermal springs that allow specific treatments but also relaxation and wellness.

The typical hospitality of the people of Ischia is also an important factor.
Even the climate is benevolent and welcoming: mild and pleasant, typically Mediterranean that makes Ischia a destination for the whole year.
In Ischia, the hot and dry summer, while spring and early autumn are mild. Late autumn and winter with some precipitation does not bring temperatures below zero.
The temperature of the sea that washes Ischia allows bathing from May to late autumn.

On the island of Ischia there are several accommodation facilities, from luxury hotels to modest guest houses, surrounded by bars and restaurants for every taste.

The island also offers various services and activities (excursions and trips between history and nature) but the main attractions remain the crystalline evil and the splendid beaches.

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