Beach of Sottomonte

Gabicce Mare, PU

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The beach of Sottomonte is located below the Monte San Bartolo, in the municipality of Gabicce Mare, in the province of Pesaro, in the Marche region. It is a wide, free beach of fine, light-colored sand, with short stretches of gravel, which extends over 100 meters in length. The sea is transparent with shades ranging from turquoise to blue and the seabed slopes down quite quickly, making swimming in the sea not very suitable for children or inexperienced swimmers. The beach of Sottomonte, for the quality of the water and for the cleaning, has been given the coveted Blue Flag . The beach of Sottomonte can be reached along viale Mare, and by accessing the height of the Hotel Venus. It is advisable to park far away, as the parking lots in the vicinity are very small. The raised waterfront allows a panoramic walk before reaching the beach, which can be reached through underground walkways and walkways. The presence of games for children along this route makes the place suitable for families with children. The beach of Sottomonte is connected to the city center also through a comfortable cycle path, or by using the convenient shuttle service that runs every half hour and starts from the free parking San Decenzio (from 8.45 to 19.15). Despite being a free beach, in the area there are numerous dining options, bars and restaurants. On the beach there is also a shower service. Following the establishment of the floristic area 106 by the Marche Region, created in order to allow the expansion of the already existing dune and some botanical species to be protected, of community interest, three wooden walkways have been placed to reach the beach and enhance the vegetation, preventing it from ruining the natural habitat. It is a very rare dune that, with its vegetation, has a dual function: it protects the cycle path from the sand and prevents it from being lost due to the action of the wind.



Fine sand, Gravel
Water quality
High season attendance


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