Beach of Saline (Palinuro)

Centola, SA

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Beach of Saline (Palinuro)

The beach of Saline di Palinuro is located in the territory of Centola, in Campania. Located north of the city center of Palinuro towards Caprioli, in the province of Salerno, in the Campania region. The beach appears to be frequented mainly by families with children . In fact, this beach is suitable for those who want to have space to play, since it is very large and spacious and has been awarded by Italian pediatricians with the Green Flag assigned to beaches suitable for families with children. Anyone can feel at ease, also thanks to the medium sand that is all in all pleasant to the touch, not creating any complication. Therefore, the beach is really wide, also recommended for couples seeking relaxation and comfort. The water that washes this stretch of coast is clear ; you can manage to admire the backdrop with bare eyes, without needing glasses, masks and other underwater equipment. At the bottom of the sea, however, the sand gives way to gravel and pebbles which, however, do not create problems for those who want to take a bath in total relaxation. In this area, the water is pure in an exceptional way and to confirm this the beach of the Saline di Palinuro boasts for years the prestigious Blue Flag issued by the Foundation for environmental education (FEE Italy). Le Saline is almost entirely given over to the bathing establishments where it will be possible to rent equipment for relaxation. Each establishment, called Lidi in this area, provides its customers with umbrellas, sunbeds and entertainment of various kinds. Of course there are also bars that sell fresh drinks or ice creams. On the Saline beach, however, there are also free areas where it is possible to position yourself totally free, enjoying a beautiful day at the beach. We also recommend taking walks on the shoreline, especially at sunset, an experience that can give many unforgettable emotions. The Saline beach can be reached by car along the SP430 road. Furthermore, you can get to the beach by public transport by taking a train to Palinuro, then using the various city buses to get to the coast of Centola and then reach the beach of Saline. DOG-FRIENDLY : a portion of the Saline di Palinuro beach is accessible to dogs . It is an equipped beach near the former Club Med area.

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Fine sand
Mediterranean maquis
Water quality
Free, Managed
High season attendance


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  • Sport


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  • Bathhouse
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4.2/5 3 reviews
  • Water cleanliness 4.3/5
  • Beach cleanliness 4.0/5
  • Natural beauty 4.3/5
  1. Review of Nicola Nicola 4.0/5 IT, 28 June 2024

    Le spiagge presenti nella zona di Palinuro sono tra le spiagge più conosciute e più frequentate durante la stagione estiva.
    La spiaggia delle Saline rappresenta un’ottima di scelta perché è un punto di ritrovo per gruppi di amici, gruppi di famiglie, in poche parole, gruppi di turisti!

  2. Review of Marika Marika 4.7/5 IT, 10 December 2020

    La mia spiaggia preferita nel Cilento,è una spiaggia dove ho passato le più belle vacanze. Ad oggi, grazie alla sua sabbia fine e color oro, al fondale poco profondo non solo a riva, alla possibilità di scegliere tra spiagge libere e lidi dotati di tutti i comfort, all’arenile lungo ideale per lunghe passeggiate, castelli di sabbia, partite di beach volley, e dulcis in fundo alla pulizia, riesce sempre a soddisfarmi e a farmi aver voglia di tornarci tutte le volte che posso. Ma ciò che davvero rende questa spiaggia meravigliosa penso sia la sua posizione, si trova sul litorale di Palinuro, nella sua parte settentrionale, distendendosi verso Marina di Pisciotta.

  3. Review of Katia Katia 4.0/5 IT, 11 June 2019

    Quasi tutta la spiaggia è privata, la zona libera è pulita ma troppo affollata.

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