Beach of Marina di Bagnara

Castel Volturno, CE

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The beach of Marina di Bagnara, also known simply as Bagnara beach, is one of the beaches of Castel Volturno, in Campania. An area of the beach of Bagnara until recently appeared to be unusable. On the beach in fact, there were three illegal villas that had been seized by the State. Now the region has mobilized to demolish these villas and it seems that reconstruction work is underway for the entire coast. The ultimate goal should be to make the beach area of Bagnara excellent from every point of view, replicating the Italian model of the Romagna Riviera. On the other hand, the beach of Bagnara has all it takes to offer an excellent tourist experience. The beach's shore is made up of medium sand which, when in contact with the skin, appears to be quite pleasant. The beach of Bagnara is mostly free, there are however – for those who do not want to give up the comforts – the bathing establishments where it will be possible to rent equipment for the sea such as deckchairs, umbrellas and sunbeds. To reach the beach of Bagnara it is necessary to reach Castel Volturno. By car, those coming from the south could use the state road called “Asse Mediano” to reach the destination, while those coming from the north should use the E45 road. By public transport, it is possible to reach Castel Volturno with the buses of the private company called CTP.



Medium Sand
Mediterranean maquis
Water quality
Free, Managed
High season attendance


  • Bar
  • Bar kiosk
  • Beach equipment rental
  • Campings
  • Hotels
  • Parking area
  • Restaurants
  • Watersports equipment rental


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