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Barano is one of the six municipalities of the Island of Ischia, in the province of Naples. Located in the hinterland, the only beach that is part of the territory of Barano is the famous Maronti Beach, also known as Lido Maronti . The latter is mostly given to the bathing establishments, however there are some stretches of free beach. The beach of Maronti di Barano is one of the largest on the island of Ischia, about three kilometers long, and is composed of coarse grained sand with gray gravel, recalling the volcanic nature of the island of Ischia. The beach is protected on the sides by two headlands and is bathed by a sea with colors that fade from the turquoise of the shore to the cobalt blue of the open sea. Not far from the beach there are some of the oldest Baths of Ischia that were already used in Roman times and that made the island of Campania famous all over the world. The peculiarity of the thermal park of Barano is that it is completely dug into the rock with a thermal spring that reaches 55 °. On the border with the town of Sant'Angelo there are some stretches of coast famous for sand-blasting, an ancient therapeutic practice of thermal origin used since ancient times, where the person concerned lay on the hot sand and was covered with it. The beach is easily accessible by land and well connected by public transport, alternatively you can take a taxi-boat service that will take you to the nearby Sant'Angelo marina. In the immediate vicinity there are numerous accommodation and restaurant facilities ready to satisfy even the most demanding tourist. The cordiality and the quality of the services are a point of strength and pride of a secular tourist tradition.

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Coarse sand, Gravel
Mediterranean maquis
Water quality
Free, Managed
High season attendance


  • Pet Friendly


  • Bar
  • Bathhouse
  • Disabled accessibility
  • Hotels
  • Pedalo rental
  • Restaurants


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