Baia del Buon Dormire

Centola, SA

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The Baia del Buon Dormire, also known as the Buon Dormire beach, is a modest-sized cove located near Capo Palinuro, in Cilento . The beach is accessible by land along the stepped path that leads from the residence – located behind the beach – to the shoreline, or by sea ; numerous boat rental services departing from the port of Palinuro and regularly carrying visitors to the Buon Dormire Bay and organizing boat trips to admire the Cilento coast from the sea. Among these it is particularly appreciated in the area: the Blue Grotto, which can be visited with group excursions. The beach has a particular granulometric composition, it is in fact formed by medium-sized white pebbles which, in the vicinity of the shore, give way to golden-colored sand . Everything is set among the cliffs that protect the bay, bathed by a crystalline emerald green sea, and surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub. There is the possibility to rent relaxation equipment such as umbrellas, sunbeds and deckchairs and to taste dishes prepared according to the local culinary tradition at the restaurant located near the beach. A curiosity : from the beach you can admire the unique Coniglio rock, so called because its shape resembles that of a rabbit.

Cilento beaches


Sand, Shingle
Mediterranean maquis
Water quality
Free, Managed
High season attendance


  • Boaters
  • Wild


  • Bar
  • Bar kiosk
  • Bathhouse
  • Beach equipment rental
  • Boat trips
  • Resorts
  • Restaurant


  • Boat trips
  • Snorkeling


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