About us

Trovaspiagge: About Us

Trovaspiagge is a portal that hosts over 1500 Italian beaches and offers its community useful information on the beaches of our country and the possibility of discovering the services offered in the area, so that the user can organize his trip in every detail.

The mission of Trovaspiagge is to offer, in a single website, essential data for planning your vacation or trip to the beach. On Trovaspiagge you can read the information regarding the Italian beaches based on the selection criteria set by the user, but also book umbrella and hotel from your smartphone with very few clicks and in a completely safe and intuitive way.

What differentiates Trovaspiagge from other portals that deal with information supporting the seaside tourism? Trovaspiagge censuses and reviews all the beaches in Italy: it has a proprietary database, registered with the SIAE, in which the information provided to users is constantly updated, also based on the reviews left by them to the beaches, and offers the opportunity to benefit from the services offered by prestigious partners in the Italian tourism scene.


The Trovaspiagge team consists of developers, designers, SEO experts, copywriters and social media managers who work in synergy to constantly improve the portal user experience.

Trovaspiagge is a realization of TS Mood S.r.l., Innovative Startup pursuant to Law n.221 / 2012, which holds all intellectual property rights.